Abstract Floral Nails

And here I'm back with a new mani, a strange one for most of you, divine for anothers and ugly for others. I wanted to do something unique cuz this means nail art, in my oppinion.
I took the nail brushes, the nail polishes, and the acrylic paint and start painting without knowing what should I paint, but no worries the imagination began to make her way and it was a little bit hard sincer from a week or so, I paint only my right hand cuz I have some problems with the left one.
No more talking, let me show you the manicure. Enjoy!

Products I used:

  • Sally Hansen - White On
  • Sally Hansen - Wet Cement
  • Sephora - Chic and Rebel
  • L'oreal - Precious Coral
  • Essie - First Dance
  • Essie - Berry Naughty
  • Craft Acrylic Paint - Red
  • Sally Hansen - Hard as Nails
  • Nail Brushes

And the nail art:

So what do you think? What do you see?