Firmoo Sunglasses Review

Hello girls, today I have a review for you .... and yes a  review for the Firmoo sungalsses.
Firmoo Global Online Optical Store contacted me a few weeks ago asking me if I want to review a pair of glasses/sunglasses and of course I said yes.
I received my sunglasses and OMG ... I love them so much! I chose #FS01  ( I don't know if they're still available )
They're brown pattern vintage style sunglasses and a part that I love is that my husband can wear them too cuz they're unisex. The quality is simply great please believe me, ( I wouldn't do this review if this sunglasses were cheap and not worthy )  they're sturdy and the lenses are great, in the sun they have green-violet reflection or to say it better anti reflective lens to protect your eyes from the UV lights of the sun . Great service, nice and pleasent people and fast shipping. Come on, this is a dream come true for a blogger, in my opinion! And they give you the opportunity to join their coorporation here: . And ( I know to many ''and's'' ) I have a 25$ voucher for the Classic series Eyeglasses for you! Yeeeey!!!!

Let me show you some photos:

 Another thing that I love is that Firmoo gives you everything your glasses need: a hard case, a fost case, the cloth for keeping your glasses clean and a screwdriver with spare screws..WOOW!

Here are my new sunglasses:

Hope you enjoyed this post! Don't forget to visit Firmoo online store for a wide variety of glasses and sunglasses for you to choose!



  1. Arata bine ochelarii si ti se potrivesc!

  2. Super, sa-i purtati sanatosi :P

    Chiar ca arata calitativi si-mi plac lentilele, se vad interesant la lumina :)

  3. ce tari sunt < porti cu placere! pup

  4. Sunt foarte frumosi.
    Sa ii porti cu placere.

  5. Foarte draguti, sa ii porti cu placere! :*

  6. Raluca Alina VintilescuSeptember 23, 2013 at 2:42 PM

    Am si eu o pereche de ocheari de la ei si imi plac super mult <3

  7. Se completează perfect cu nuanţa părului, îmi plac tare mult! Să-i porţi cu plăcere, fie soare, fie vânt! :-D Pupici, o săptămână frumoasă îţi doresc :-)

  8. Bianca Roxana AniteiSeptember 23, 2013 at 5:42 PM

    Ce bine-ti sta!!!

  9. Te prind foarte bine! Te astept si pe blogul meu, te urmaresc prin
    GFC si Facebook, daca iti face placere, o poti face si tu. Anunta-ma
    daca vrei sa facem schimb de link-uri in blogroll. Te pup!

  10. imi plac! <3 sa i porti cu placere! :*