DIY - Colored Tape Strips ( Washi Tape )

Heya girls, how you've been? I have a cold :( after 3 years :))) lol, but it doesn't matter this right now. I prepared you something special, and please believe me, I LOVE IT!
A few days ago I was looking for colored tape on internet and I found something truly cool - Washi Tape  .
It's kind of a paper tape?!?!?! with so but so many designs and you can  lots of crafts or personalize your own things.
I buyed some from Ebay and I'm wainting for them. For my romanian girls: you can find some washi tape at the Carturaresti Store and online at Klipa .
Today I'm going to show you how to create you own tape, colored tape, or if you want you can call it washi tape ( but is not the same thing ) like this ones :)

You will need:

  • scissors 
  • double tape

  • prints ( I print them out - you can find plenty on google )
  • napkins or any king of tissue paper, magazines, newspapers, gift wraps and more

  • you will need your ... pet :))))) lol
Now let's get to the DIY...

First take your napkin and put it with the print face down ( like in the photo below )

Take the double-sided tape and apply it to the napkin ( like in the photo below )
 Cut the edges.
 And taaaaaadaaaaaaam :)

 This is how it looks. You can't tell that is a DIY :).

 And a way you can wrap them :)

 And again. Take you print, cut the white edges ( if you have )

 Apply the double-sided tape on the back of the print.

 And taaadaaaaa :)

 Another strip example :)

 A way to deposit them :)

Let tell you that strips made with napkins are more thin than the ones you do with the prints (  regular A4 paper ).

And here are 2 examples of how to use your own tape strips:

You can decorate a glass or an old candle jar like the photo below.

Or you can creat a birthday card for your loved ones.

This are only 2 examples, let your imagination fly and decorate what like and love!
Hope you enjoyed this DIY and find it useful. If you try this please let me know, leave me a link, or a photo here or on my facebook or hashtag your creation with #lbbtape . 

PS: Let me know if you like the idea! :)

XO, Elisa


  1. ce imi place:D, super ideea ta

  2. ma bucur ca iti place, multumesc :*

  3. Foarte foarte foarte fain. :* E bine ca iti vin asa ideil <3

  4. multumesc frumos :D. Suspinam foarte mult dupa niste washi tape ( + ca vreau sa-mi redecorez camera ) si mi-am adus aminte ca exista dublu adeziv .... si uite asa s-au legat intre ele :D

  5. de unde ai achizitionat double tape?

  6. Ce dragut. <3
    Mereu ne surprinzi creativitatea ta. :)

  7. :)))) daa unde sunt eu hop si el :))) sa nu piarda nimic :)))

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  10. Mademoiselle LorraineSeptember 26, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    ce idee buna! si cute!!

  11. :D multumesc , ma bucur ca iti place :*

  12. tare dragutz :)

  13. Ce ingenios! SI ce bine arata paharul acela pt betisoare :)

  14. suppeer! <3 dar n-am rabdare :( :)))

  15. multumesc :*, daaa si mie imi place la nebunie ( mai ales ca eu sunt cu printurile florale in ultima vreme ) :))) si chiar arata bine. chiar si la cadouri sunt bune :D

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  20. Idei tare drăguţe, şi eu am prins obiceiul să-mi personalizez niţel fiecare recipient pe care-l am la îndemână, de la cele cu pixuri, pensule, până la cel cu pensete şi pile... Au alt farmec! :-)

  21. daaa <3 si il personalizezi dupa bunul plac <3 si m-am pus rau de tot pe personalizat :)))

  22. Spre încântarea mea, sper să nu încetezi să ne mai inspiri şi pe noi :-)
    Pupici, multă sănătate şi un weekend minunat! :-*

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  24. ma bucur ca iti place <3

  25. Ce frumos , se tine minte ideea .

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