Monday Swatch - Nails Inc Feathers - Brighton Nails

Happy monday girls! Today I have a swatch for you and every monday I will have one and also I have a review for you today.
Finally I got a feathers nail polish from Nails Inc. and I'm so happy, hope to put my hands on the others and why not on the leather effect kit, but let's not rush.
This nail polish is so gorgeous ( in my opinion ), I love the colors, a mixture of short bar glitter in yellow and teal. It's easy to apply but you'll need like 3 coats for full coverage. It's a little bit tricky to apply it but the effect it's really lovely. I didn't try to use a teal or yellow or another base color but I think the effect will be nice.
Here are the photos:

And I also have a review for the base coat used for this glitter bar. I used Essence - Peel Off Base Coat, a glue base coat that helps you get ridd easily of the glitter nail polish.
It's white, you must let it dry before you apply the glittter nail polish. After it dries the base coat becomes transparent.

Hope you liked this post nad nail polish! Now I have a question for you...What glittery nail polish you love the most or you would love to have? Leave me a comment with your answer! xo

PS. Nails Inc. - 18$ - Sephora Romania
       Essence - Peel off base coat - 3$ - Mariounnaud


  1. Wow!!! ce tari sunt amandouaaa. super

  2. Hello Elisa!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog and for following. I'm now following you back :)

    I absolutely love your blog, your photography and nail designs are gorgeous!!

    Laura xx

    Laura's All Made Up ♥

  3. Vai cum arata oja aceea...Salivez pe tastatura.;))

  4. Ce superba e oja

    Si produsul de la essence stiu ca l-am mai vazut pe un blog si mi-a atras atentia, acuma ca l-am vazut si la tine sigur trece pe wishlist-ul meu :D

    Oja cu sclipici..hmmm. sa ma gandesc colectia de la Golden Rose :D

  5. Mademoiselle LorraineMarch 25, 2013 at 8:47 PM

    ce frumoasa e oja! nu am mai vazut asa ceva!

  6. Vai cat de frumoasa este oja!!!! :X

  7. Deci e superba :x

  8. Ce interesant arată în sticluță ! Eu nu aș folosi-o pe întreaga unghie, dar mi-a stârnit ușor interesul :)